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AndrewT: madman or merely misunderstood?

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Forget the subject title. This is just a note to tell AndrewT that *MANY* people thanked him and are thanking him on a holiday oriented thread at biketrials. I dont know fuck all about Andrews history with Stephen, or why Andrew insists on asserting Stephens supposed gayness, Stephens supposed incompetence, Stephens supposed lies, and Stephens supposed fake bad back. And also Stephens innappropriate hillarity at Monty O' breakfast cereal. Obviously wheres theres smoke theres fire, but I honestly dont know who is smoking here- Stephen or Andrew :)

What I DO know is that any one who is as respected and appreciated and thanked as much as Andrew is on the ChristmasCheer thread over there should KNOW it. And since he is banned (and wanted in 23 states), I thought I would be the one to let him know. He must have been doing something really right.
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I forgot to thank Andrew in my post. So I'll thank him here. Thanks Andrew for being the argumentative, opinionated, informative, smart-ass that you are. You have provided me with much appreciated argumentative banter and entertainment.

He and his unlearned roomate are undeniabely less gay than his california based nemesis. Maybe.

Word- a few people IMed me about the said thread, so I tried to go to bt.com from my friends houses computer but he has that blocked too :wtc:

If you ever IM me or anything ( frontline48 on aim), I have lots of information and no problems with sharing it, or helping you as much as possible...I do the same in real life, I've gotten tons of riders into it locally, and I have no problems teaching people how to ride and giving hints. But I DO swear, so you should staple my mouth shut :rolleyes: .

I do the same on the forum, stefahns attitude and censorship on BT.com over the past 4+ yearsmade me into a bitter fuck on that site. My threat to his well being irl is not an idle one.
O yeah, and I'll thank some people-

Thanks to MY PARENTS...of which I wouldn't be here (literally on earth, literally in colorado)....nor would I have any bicycles or anything nice.

Thanks to DOLPHIN for not being a ****** and keeping it real, along with having culture and not going :ugh: to things smart people like.

Thanks to local riders who don't like me, without you I would have no reason to ride (ie to crush your bones).

Thanks to HANS REY, whos video I picked up with my first mountain bike 5 years ago...never seen that shit before :bigthumb:

Thanks to all the 15 year olds who message me every day, and make me feel special.

and finally thanks to papa coustellier, for the koxx lb and your frame...geometry of the gods.
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Thanks to local riders who don't like me, without you I would have no reason to ride (ie to crush your bones).
You're Welcome :bigthumb:


In reality though, I don't actually think that many people dislike you around here.... hope I didn't just bruise your ego or anything.
pancho I wasn't talking about you.. silly billy :p
I suppose I'll thank people too, while we're at it....

The Local guys: Josh, Mike, Mark, John, Logan, Zeb (RIP, sorta...), Dan anyone who has ever come to a Wednsday night ride.

Mike C: For putting me in a headlock when I don't want to ride. Going to comps with me, and holding one of the sickest comps ever in Colorado.

Blain @ Bike Pro Mobile: for dealing with my POS bike and supporting our attempt at a team.

Andrew... Seriously you make me crack up every day, and you're riding is extremely inspiring.

Kevin... Videos that make me want to give up riding (actually, they are very inspiring as well), also showing me the dank euro style in person. Laughing at me when I fall down....

Steve: for being probably the biggest supporter of American Trials. HUGE thank you to you.

Jeremiah... for organizing and dealing with the MTN states cup people

Andrew in Salida: Giving me a place to stay when I needed one, holding two of the best comps of the year, Nathrop and Banana Belt.

Dolphin... for showing me that BMX kicks biketrials' ass.

Vanschoonhoven: probably one of the most helpful riders I have ever met. If you ever need a place to stay in Colorado....

Bill: This website is awesome, thank you.

Graham and Try-all... for hooking me up with lots of sweet parts.

Actually everybody in Colorado: Elan, Josh S, Mike S, Bill R, Patrick, Theo, Robbie, Dave, Grant, Carlos, Casey, Tom, Ryder,... blah I'm going to be done now, my memory is horrible and I know I only got about half of you. Don't be offended if I didn't, I can't think of anyone in Colorado who doesn't deserve to be thanked.
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AndrewT said:
Thanks to all the 15 year olds who message me every day, and make me feel special..
I try, so, so hard to do that for you EVERYday Andrew. I'm glad my hardwork doesn't go unnoticed.
i have a word or two to share.
andrew is one of my few good friends. host people find him offenxive because they are dumbasses.

edit: this thread is fucking gay
i second that.
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