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Advise would be nice

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:Wavey: Ive been riding trials for only afew months now and i slashed my tioga dh i need a new tire onthe rear, ive heard about maxxis minnion and michelin hotspot,but Iwould like afew suggestions please. :?

killjoy thnx.
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umm this should be posted in the general forum. this forum is about problems/suggestions with the site/forum itself. Buy Michelin 24.1 comp either 2.2 or 2.5 and you will be good to go.
Martin's suggestion is sound with the Michelin Comp24.1, I don't own Maxxis rubber, so I won't comment, but I know Kevin will surely let you know what he likes.

I would too if cambria can get something out in time...looking at week 3 of waiting.
LOL, I ordered my tires from them and got them on time..faster than I was expecting :weak:
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