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a real balance problem

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so the more and more i try bigger ups and ride natural, the more i realize that i am grossly grossly left-bodied - i'm left handed and left foot forward. my right leg has a constant bruise on its calf from constantly hitting my cable stop and magura bolts because my body is apparently very constantly to the left of the bike. now i know this is going to be a matter of practice just like anything else, but i was wondering if you guys had encountered a similar phenomenon, and what worked well in those case (like riding right foot forward for a while, or ...)
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yea i did. anytime i gapped to something my body turned to the lfet, i'm also left handed and left foot forward. it was REALLY pissing me off, i couldn't stop it.. i ended up having to force myself to do the opposite of what was going wrong, (try to gap and turn to the right a bit) so i could correct and stay centered. its a bitch but stick with it, try forcing yourself to ride right-side-heavy..
make sure your arms are bent. I've seen way too many beginners back-hopping with their arms straight out, and it just looks horrible. As you bring your upper arms towards you, your body will be in a more stable position and your pedal-kicks will not throw you to the side as much.

Also, practice you balance by wedging your front wheel up against vertical objects and staying there as long as possible in a stable position...or try wedging gaps and just staying there. Balance is absolutely crucial.
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