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a herring

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ill give 1 million spermatazoa to any one who can chop down a tree with a herring :greddy2:
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speaking of monty python- that's my school's "movie on the field" film this year. it's about time my school pulled their head frmo out dey asses and showed something good for a change.

"there are those who call me..... Tim..."
wtf is "movie on the field"? sounds interesting.
movie on the field is when the school brings in this big ass screen and projector and plays a movie on the baseball field for all the little creek-ers to come see. the past three years it was either a stupid ass movie or i was too pissed at the people around me to want to go. this year though... oh no, cant pass up the search for the holy grail... even if i do have it on video at home
Nice Kevin, I can't believe they're playing a kranked vid! Next year you should offer one of your vids up :cool:
haha, i wish my school were cool enough to realize they should play a kranked vid. i guess the next best thing is the monty python and the search for the holy Grail. as for getting my vids played at school- im working on getting an extreme sports film festival organized with students contributing film of their skating, bmx, mtn bike, surf, ski/board stuff. i hope it goes through this year cus i sure as damn hell am not coming back next year- i cant wait to get away from that high school scene.
I saw a student extreme film called "agro frosty waves: IN SEARCH OF, BRAH"

It was fucking sick
i cant wait to get away from that high school scene.
OMG I couldn't agree more. See you at CU....
haha, I saw someone write search for the holy grail and somehow in my brain it got flopped around to search for the holy trail. Oh well, I guess love for biking will do that to you :)
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