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A few Pictures from todays Fort Collins Ride

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Hi Guys!!

I'm new to the front range area, and I just had my frist ride tonight in fort collins. We rode on the campus and then in the town, it was great! Anyway Dolphin (is that his real name??!) was having bike problems and Elan (is that really HIS name?! :) ) wasn't riding much so I have all the pictures of me. My camera is very old, so I appologize for the quality...here they are with commentary:

This is me practicing dropping off of a loading dock, no I'm not falling!! Practicing dropping the front wheel:

This is me doing a rather large up I thought!!! I would bunnyhop as fast as I could, the wall was about 8" over dolphins handlebars:

Here is the final set of pictures- first is the gap, the tops of the pl aneter are very skinny (less than 2 inches). You go up the first, then gap across them all- very fun!!

and finally the landing:

Try-all america, I can make it up tomorrow if you want to ride natural trials? This was my second ride on my new bike, i love it! Sorry for the picture quality :(
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OMG..too bad you wrent there. this guy is insane, trying some hookers.
Yeah I hadn't seen a front hook to rear wheel till the new videos of french riders, first time i've tried it...got sooo close....Next time we ride I promise I'll have it! :bigthumb:
Nice pics. :bigthumb: Just curious, what bike are you riding?
Hey mike- thanks for your comment! It is a woodman frame, this was my first real ride on it where there wasn't snow on stuff. Its very nice, weighs in at 22 pounds and change.
ohhhh wow......that guy looks a lot like....ummm.......shit, his name is totally slipping my mind right now. Hey, is that one of those Tryall rims on the rear?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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