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a bit of night riding

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just dicking around on campus before starting a shit load of homework... good old procrastination :)
small up from the curb

gap from stone to the curb thingy... not too hard due to height advantage
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Very nice Roman, thanks for sharing more pics with us! How is the terrain at Purdue? Do you usually ride there, or is there some better stuff to ride off campus?
I mainly ride Purdue as it is super close and I don't really have much time to drive somewhere to ride. Its mainly urban but I like to ride the few stones that we have. not as good as the badlands :rolleyes: but is something more interesting than sqare edges everywhere.
holly crap that's an old post. That is PlanetX Zebdi MKII.
holly crap that's an old post.
I didnt even look at the date at first. I thought you were just slumming it up with the Planet-x.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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