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Discussion in 'Forum Help & Suggestions' started by Rob.K, Mar 31, 2004.

  1. Rob.K

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    Hey Bill. I don't want you to be copying gay sites like Biketrials.com but I like the idea of having a seperate section for displaying your bikes.

    I'm pretty new here and I was trying to look for bikes amongst all the vids and it took a long time.

    I think it would be good especially for new people and for those who are looking at buying certain bikes to look at.

    It would just make it easier for us to find the bikes.

    What do you think??
  2. OTAdmin

    OTAdmin Administrator Staff Member

    Rob, I've been playing with a different idea over the past few days. I was thinking about a photo album and allowing each user a certain amount of space so they could stick pictures of their bike up and what not. Sound like a good idea?

    I would appreciate comments from more people on this subject matter. Do you guys want a seperate forum for pictures of bikes? Would you like to have a photo album in addition, or instead?

    Let me know guys :)


  3. Zyzzyx

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    I like the photo album idea.

    Perhaps have it listed by three searchable (or just listable) categories: Username, stock/mod, bike manufacturer and model. Then it would be easy to check out mod bikes. Or look for Pancho's bike. Or look for all the Echo ES3s.

    Perhaps a hybrid of album/forum? Have comments on each person's album that would direct to a thread in a forum? Kinda like some websites will have an article listed on the front page, and then comments are available in the forum for it. (scroll to the bottom of this page for an example of linking comments to a dedicated forum)
  4. Rob.K

    Rob.K Guest

    How would you be able to access peoples photo albums. Through looking at their pesonal stats.
    i think the photo album thing is a good idea. Can you explain the idea a little more. Maube with some examples.