A better magura mounting system

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by BenR, Aug 23, 2004.

  1. BenR

    BenR Active Member

    I hate the way Maguras are mounted on. The aluminum is so weak and i stripped two of the mounts so i made a picture on paint shop that would be a better way to put them on. I just untightned them and the threads came out with the bolt.


    Where the threads go they should put four canti studs then you could just slide on the magura 4 bolt mounts and tighten down
  2. AndyT

    AndyT New Member

    I'd stick with the old way.

  3. B1105

    B1105 New Member

    Nice idea but it wont work. You can retap the 4 bolt threads to fit the 6.0mm x 1.0 mm thread of canti studs, but the studs would offset the actual magura brake too far above the rim.
  4. oicdn

    oicdn Guest

    The problems isn't that tthey wouldn't be on the rim, cause remember, they're still sitting in the same place, as they're just sliding through the studs, and still sitting on the 4bolt mount, just not using the screw holes to tighten down. Yeah, you could end up using shorter bolts, and bolts you can get at a hardware store...but I think the issue is getting those canti studs to be the right height. That's not even really an issue. How about the issue of it flexing an ass ton under hardbraking?
  5. B1105

    B1105 New Member

    Studs have a tiny extra bit which actually goes into the frame and does not have threading on it. Its hard to explain, but take a brake stud and just look at it and you will see. it wont offset it a ton, but your right, it would flex a decent amount.
  6. BrettM

    BrettM New Member

    My guess is the prob he wants to solve is just stripping the threads in the aluminum.

    There are far easier and less complicated ways then canti studs. A simple steel insert would do it. I wouldn't doubt that something will change within a couple years. It is a very simple to fix problem and eventually someone will care enough to spend an extra 3 cents to fix it.
  7. Spacemunkee

    Spacemunkee Guest

    meh wherever there is steel on aluminium you will get threading.. would be nice to just stick some helicoils in there