661 Shoes and Zuzu Pedal package????

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by oicdn, May 18, 2004.

  1. oicdn

    oicdn Guest

    I was lookinga t getting rid of my shit Triple traps. The cage bolts keep coming loose and are crappy and are starting to strip. That and the grip sucks.

    Iw as looking at getting that package deal with the 661 shoes and Zuzu pedals for $85 shipped.....either that, or just getting some trials shoes and some I dunno VP's or elCheapo ZuZu wannabe's.....

    Reasoning is...Either way, if I get that package deal or go with teh trials shoes, the shoes are gonna be used ONLY for riding, and I'll be getting new pedals. It's just teh trials shoes are the pricier route...but is the price difference worth it? Are the ZuZu pedals and 661 shoes a grippy combo????
  2. B1105

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    ZuZus are alright, personally I'd jsut go for VPs or something. I've used the ZuZus for my DH bike, and their heavy and shit, and never seemed to last that long, so if IMO they wouldn't be good for trials. 661 stuff is pretty nice though, ive never used their shoes htough. I personally don't think the trials shoes are worth it even though I;ve never worn them, at like $110 bucks, ehhh nah

  3. Ed Gildea

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    zuzus bend as easy as my penis..
  4. atypical

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    ZuZus I had broke off a horizontal connector piece when I whacked em during a ride and they loose pins like a biatch, I prefer cages and my Epik skate shoes