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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by octomoule, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. octomoule

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    hi evrybody,

    Just to know what are the real advantage of 4 bolts system for maggies?
    (easier to use, stiffer?)

    Also if I want to have maggie, is a V model ok too? frame BT 5.0
    isn't it even better? more compatible etc.. plus i already have a magura... and i don't want to buy extra stuff to make it work on 4 bolts system..

    thx in advance

    ps: sorry for the bad english ;)

  2. tomacropod

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    if you want to use maguras, you really should have 4-bolt mounts. The new hardware doesn't cost much, it's much easier to set up, much more powerful, less flexy, lighter, easier to put a booster on etc. If you're going to use v-brakes, get the v-mounts, but if you're using maguras, definitely get the 4-bolt version.

    - Joel

  3. Orkje

    Orkje New Member

    Yup, I'd do the same thing. In fact I already did, since I ordered a RAVen 5.0 with 4 bolt this week...
    Maguras on V mounts is doable but quite a hassle IMO.