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    If you have been thinking about going ahead and sending in your preregistration for Motorama, please wait until about the middle of next week. I may have an important announcement on Monday, 20 Dec. Please spread this information to everyone you that might be thinking of going. I hope that no one has already sent theirs in. I apologize if so and hope that my forthcoming announcement does not affect you.
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    thanks for the warning

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    Ooooh, what a Machiavelian twist
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    venue change? Do we need to bring our SCUBA gear? My passport will get wet...we still need those right?

    - Joel
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    Maybe we are going to be asked to bring one unique trials obstical of our own to the comp.. ??

    but thanks for the heads up.. I was going to send mine in today, but we got a flash freeze here in Ontario, and I didn't bother.
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    I was assuming that the comp was moved to Sunday so we could ride with the moto guys. Maybe 20", 26", uni, and Moto are all legal under then new rules.
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    will everyone be required to ride in skinsuits?
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    Well, unfortunately, it seems that my announcement may affect everyone that is planning to attend Motorama. I regret to announce that I will NOT be involved with the 2005 Motorama BikeTrials event. However, that does not necessarily mean the event will not happen but it does make it very unlikely. I should explain:

    After the 2004 Motorama boondoggle, the discussions about the viability of the venue for 2005 immediately began. Being part of the loosely knit group of event organizers for NATS, I chimed in. I made the offer that if we could find a way to get me there, I would be willing to run the 2005 event. I knew it was a massive undertaking but my events in the southeast had been going so well, I thought I could take it on. What's more, I've been kicking around some big ideas for years on how to make the event more professional.

    In early November, Tim gave me a call to ask if I was still interested. As you now know, I jumped at the chance. That very same day I put out the call to get help from some locals and started putting some projects together. But, as I knew, the biggest hurdle was going to be dealing with the power hierachy at the event: directly above me would be the MotoTrials organizer (since he gets the obstacles and schedules everything), the Event Director above him and then the head of the Motorama Association. So, I called the MotoTrials guy.

    Now, before anyone gets any ideas, I want to dispel the notion that he is the reason for bad events at Motorama. The past problems have been due to many, many factors. He has been working with Motorama for many years, long before the biketrials events, and even organized the early ones. He is a very nice guy and works very hard.

    I know, now you're asking yourself, "If he's such a nice guy, what's the problem?" Yeah, I thought that too, in the beginning. As I said, he had been doing this a long time. As such, he knows exactly what he needs to make the event happen. I guess that when someone like me comes in pitching all kinds of new, big ideas, it kind of threw him off.

    In the end, it all comes down to communication. As I was making proposals to sponsors, lining up custom construction and getting help from some others, I only heard from the MotoTrials guy once and he had not, at that point, completed the few tasks I asked of him. Nearly a month went by and I received one, short email stating that all I needed to do was show up, put up my section signs and start and stop the bicycles on time. As anyone who's ever been to an event knows, there's a lot more to it than that. What's more, I absolutely have to set our sections because bicycles use drastically different sections than motorcycles.

    I explained all of this and more to him in several voicemails and emails but have yet to hear back from him. It has now been over three weeks since we last communicated.

    So, as I said, I am forced to break off my involvement with the Motorama event. I hate it as much as anyone. I see great potential and feel that I could make it happen. Nonetheless, I refuse to be part of an event that, at best, is less than stellar, or, at worst, is a disaster like the last one. My apologies to any and everyone that was looking forward to attending my version of Motorama.
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    man that sucks. Thanks for doing what you could Mike. Hopefully something comes together.
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    I don't blame ya man..

    Jump out of the pit before it gets too deep. You're offer has come and gone, they lose, Motorama is doomed to ffaaiiiiiiilllll..
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    alright, ohio is now a definite.
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    I say well done. If the tards dont want to help you out, bad luck for them.