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    20" or 26" .i don t speak very good english.i wana buy a trial bike.but what(a 20" or a26" bike?).tell me a site were i can buy a new bike.
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    don't know of any romanian bike shops, american ones are factionbike.com, webcyclery.com, trialsin.com, thetrialsinshop.com (canada). In Australia you have btaustralia.tk, austrialshop.com, monty.com.au.

    etc etc.

    If you want to find romanian bike shops you're best off using a romanian internet search engine and specifying your request in the appropriate language, I can't find you Romanian (or nearby) shops.

    - Joel

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    There are a couple of Romanian riders on another forum, www.trials-forum.co.uk, so make a post asking for them, and they'll help you out telling you where the shops are and stuff. I speak some of Romanian, my mom is from there, and I ride here with 2 Romanian freeriders, so I can help you out a bit if you have some words you don't know. The users from trials-forum will be a much much bigger help though, so get in touch with them.