2 complete 160 Avid Mechanicals for sale.

Discussion in 'For Sale / Want to Buy' started by oicdn, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. oicdn

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    Well, nobody had a right lever that they'de send me so I'm selling both of these brakes for Umm....how's $60 for BOTH + shipping? They're complete brand new set-ups with rotor and the 160mm adapters.

    They're pretty much brand new, only broken in on a stand at work, not used on the street or anything. Guy wanted them, but didn't want to do the break-in, I was bored at work, strapped them on a bike, put a rubber band around the lever, poured water on them and broke them in on a stand while watching TV....he ended up not buying them :(

  2. dirty

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    ill take those....AIM or nw001k AT mail.rochester.edu