2 Austin Rides?!#@$*& 4 Sure!

Discussion in 'South/South West, USA' started by David Weyman, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. David Weyman

    David Weyman It's always 4:20 in Austin!

    Hey 2 rides is better than 1, especially if you live in Austin!
    Alot of guys have plans already and it will be hard for them 2 change.
    Believe me when you're married with a child and a you run a company,
    it's hard to make plans in the first place, but changing plans, HA!
    Friday @ 3 in Zikler Park there will be a bunch of trials riders meeting
    to ride the best spots in Austin. The next weekend can be the same,
    hell, you could come 2 weekends in a row if ya want and not ride it all.
  2. Edge

    Edge New Member

    Plans are still the same. I might try to make it down for the next weekend too.