180 bunnyhops

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by Spacemunkee, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. Spacemunkee

    Spacemunkee Guest

    ok i can get a full 180.. and i can do 180 drop offs as well.. problem is though that since im running a d521 on the back ive had to use a pad bodge so i can run it on my boa. So the cylinders stick out loads from the frame. When i 180 the cylinder digs in to my ankle reaaaaal bad leaves badass bruising.. just wondering if its happened to anyone else and they found a way to stop it from happening?
  2. Coramoor

    Coramoor New Member

    Try to buy/make some ankle padding. Easy fix. My frien borrowed my bike once and smacked his ankle pretty bad. Never happened to me though.. I dunno.

  3. Faction Bike

    Faction Bike Guest

    get a wider rim man. A 521 is way to narrow for trials.
  4. Shipley

    Shipley ..........

    Bombproof yes... well almost. I've seen them demolished, but only under 12 foot drop situations.
    Tire foldover, higher pressure needin, crappy brake adjustment issues, expensive. Put it on your cross country bike and get a DX32. You'll be happy you did.
    Oh, on the ankle issue.. try some shoes with more/higher padding or some shing guards like the lizard skins that have flaps extending down over your ankles. They help.
  5. kamil

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    this may work.. go to some store that sells soccer shin gaurds, the ones that have the ankle piece, buy them (<$15) and cut the shin gaurd part out and just wear the ankle pieces under your socks..
  6. AndyT

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    no rim is bomb proof, especially if its a shit build...not saying it is in your case, just keep in mind a you can have the strongest rim in the world but a shitty build and your wheel will fall apart.

    the only other options in terms of the ankle issues that I can think of (that haven't been discussed)- wide ass BB...will help stability too...also wider sweep cranks.

    ps anyone have some right side VP's laying around...