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Ok so elan and serg hit up horsetooth today, serg let me take a pic of him riding too. Pics of elan RIPPING IT HARDCORE STYEL:

Warming up-


elan dont fuck around-

We found a new kind of rock up at the tooth, now we can ride 5 different types of rocks...these are all white and disintigrate upon touch:

Elan almost died on this sidehop down:

Scary 7 foot drop to his right...rolling on skinny stuff:

serg rolling down a fairly huge rock into sand:

proof of no death:

Enjoy :) PS notice another use for putting your butt to the side of the tire, not by much but enough to make you stable on going down steep stuffs.

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Though we have no pics,sacred shamanic ceremonial ground,but from what I can see it is better than horsetoot. You're all invited ,this weekend will snow so don't bother.

nice pics! especially the gimp.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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