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12/17/03 - AndrewT CU Campus night ride

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Just 4 pictures from tonight because it's so hard to get action shots in the dark. Nothing very big because you have to be even further away for big moves, making the flash basically completely useless. Oh well, hope you enjoy anyhow.

You all should bastardize this pic :bigthumb::

Andrew sidehopping to rear, my guesstimate on height would be about 34":

Andrew dropping his front tire really low, Koxx style:

There were no lights around this one, so timing it with a flash was very difficult. I didn't even get remotely close at getting a pic of him sticking it to rear, but here's one to both I guess:

Andrew, somehow the first pic of you going to that rail doesn't work. Something weird is going on with my compact flash card. Anyone know if the cold effects them?
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I don't ride trials, some good photoshops there of my face on bikes...

Kind of funny how all the pics are from the right. Not as funny as me wearing a hoodie of something that I can't even see.

edit: and yes, my rear spokes ARE spray painted white as well as my left crank.
AND what hub are you running?
Well, its red. Has lots of engagement points. And has the initials C K .


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Bill. Andrew. The chinese guy with the wrench and the frosted tips. That is it.

There were probably 10 people riding inside a gymnasium, on little pieces of wood thought, I'm sure you would've been there instead :ugh2:
actually there were not ten people there this time. by the way, nice hub and hoodie! that bike doesnt look like an s & m bmx though???

sure looks like you quit trials indeed- just couldnt stand all the "gays" in it? :joshers:
You don't see me riding with you guys do you?
o man
You just gotta love the design of that frame, I love it! Especially how seatstays are one peice, divine!

What disk are you running?
How do you like that frame?
frame is gay. 11 3/4" bb. plus, its black...
I don't liek the frame for any high speed manuvers. Disc - avid 180 mm. Its great...I won't be on the frame for mor than a few months.

ps- drinking.
I didn't know calvin klein make hubs :ugh2:
Elan said:
frame is gay. 11 3/4" bb. plus, its black...

:wtc: ... 11 1/4" ... :wtc:

The frame is a great idea for some people, tell me how you ride and what level and I can prescribe the frame for you :) Look for this frame in the sales page in about 40 days.

To elaborate on my post from last night (tied one on...sorry). The disc is a new avid mech caliper, the 180mm disc run to an XTR lever with XTR cable....regular pads. It works insanely well, and unlike shitty flakjacket etc. cable/housing, it has almost no squish.
what is the head angle of the frame? probably like 73-75...

How much do you estimate you will be selling ti for?
71 from woodman's website.
AndrewT, why dont you like it for high speed stuff, one would't think it was the steering with a 71 degree HA.
The bottom bracket being so low, you have to really dedicate your mind to raising the front end much much harder than my previous bikes (koxxes). It is a VERY fine line, like the fulcrum I guess, between not getting it high enough and going too far. I have NEVER had my legs get sore from riding, after a few hours on the woodman I can barely walk...this is from it being so much harder to raise. Now couple this with max speed maneuvers (I don't do any bunnyhops- so raising the front wheel is all by pedal ups), meaning 3 or 4 pedals and you are going so fast that you can't get enough power to raise it perfectly...you can, but you have to be very strong and 100% mind when you are riding.

Hard to explain :/

I will be selling it for pretty cheap, they are only like $420 new....one scratch so far, underside of chainstay and that is all.
i told you to try an avid disk like a year ago... finally you see the light!

are you getting a coos-bomb for your next frame?
I'm sitting on a big C zizzle wit ma draws down wuuut.

I still have probs with the avid on super natural stuff, it moves sometimes...might be the pads?? what do you think? We should ride some time in the 9th-16th range...
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