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1080 feels too short

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Not as short as my old planet x mind you, but...

Got my Levelboss 1100 in July and I was loving it. Rode it with a 100x15 degree stem until switching to a 110x15 in december. Last week I switched to my friends old Levelboss 1065 (really a 1080) with that same 110mm stem. I thought I wanted a shorter frame to ease my wedge-up attempts and it does help. But damn if it doesn't feel cramped on everything else. Touch-ups and sidehops seem especially more difficult.

Granted I've only been riding on it for a little bit, but I wonder if I should even bother.

I'm 6'1" 190lbs, expert/pro level rider. My friends say the 1080 looks small on me, but that I seem more versitile on it (cause I can manual and bunnyhop it). But I go for a more UCI riding style and bunnyhops, while fun, are not a big priority for me anymore. I really just wanted the shorter frame because I want to get better at wedging up to front wheel, but if my sidehops and touch-ups suffer, then I'm gonna be mad. So far it feels awkward, like I am too hunched over the bars to get a good preload.

...trying to reassure myself by watching TRA look all cramped on his echo but still go big...anyway...

I'm going to give it a couple more rides, but I kinda just wanted to rant and see some others opinions on the proper lenght for a taller rider.
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i can't ride anything shorter than 1100 now. it feels awkward. I have no idea what size stem etc. i have.
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