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WhiteRavenKS said:
he runs the same stem he had on his zoo- a thompson 140x5deg.
....that stem is crazy for trials..... I don't get the long and low thing.....who thought of this junk, just look at all average size UCI riders. They have med length/med rise stems.

Anyway, I wanted to give this a try, especially after watching the PF Directors Cut. So last week I threw a 105x15 (from a 105x5) on my 1065 with an extra spacer underneth and it's tasty. :yum: The bike is so much easier to get the front wheel up and taps, wedges, front wheel moves, manuels, gaps, sidehops, balance, roll ups, etc have all seemed to increase. I guess different strokes for different folks. Any thoughts?

Hey Darkside, try and measure your wheelbase. The old, older one (first generation) was actually 1065mm. I betcha that's why it feels all short and schtuff.
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