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04 DeSalvo prototype

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Here is is peeps- the 04 DeSalvo prototype trials frame- the production version will pretty much be this... only with a paint color of the buyer's choice and clear coated decals- just little finishing touches like that- but this is pretty much it:

Fresh out the box-

Rear Triangle:

Killer good photograph of the frame rear view:

The built bike:


Front view of frame:

Just got back from a quick ride on it. UPS didnt show until 8pm so i got a late start building it up. My first impression was the same as Jeremy's: "Wow, this thing is stiff..." i didnt get much done considering my neighborhood within five miles in every direction is covered in snow and ice... plus i froze my boobs off fast. i can say this thing is stiff as heck though. stiffer than xtp? i cant say yet but it is at least as stiff as the xtp but rides differently obviously because it is steel. if my wrist isnt being a dirty hooker tomorrow i will try to get out and ride it a little more. more in depth review of it will come later. please feel free to ask any questions about it, i will do my best to answer them.

this frame will be about 750 USD with the fsa bb included.
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haha, nice... are you working tomorrow (saturday 2-7)? if not, come down to confluence park. i will be there scratching this thing up at around 11 or so. i want to see this curtis that has been in co for five months or something. word- 303-870-4891 is my cell, give me a buzz if you will be there.
Very awesome looking bike now Kevin, hopefully the snow clears up around here before too long. I want to get out and ride and take some more pictures :) I'd like to get some wall-hangers of some daring moves.

Verah nice...

But... cable guides on top of the top tube? Ouch...
i was a bit concerned about the cable routing on the top of the top tube... hopefully can avoid smashing my taint into that for a little bit. first thing on my list of things to change for a production model- Cables go on the underside... especially for trials where we would be ten times more likely to smash a cable on a rock in a fall than most cyclists. also- we hit our junk there a lot...
oh my ... :wuteva:

was it difficult to find a bb to fit it? ... its gay coz i dont think FSA make a bb that big and i like fsa ti
i can try, i need to swap my cranks, front brake and wheel from my gunnar. its at the shop right now and they open at 10. i'll give you a ring if i can make it.
Beast !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they should reconsider the decals though :rant2:
sebLG said:
oh my ... :wuteva:

was it difficult to find a bb to fit it? ... its gay coz i dont think FSA make a bb that big and i like fsa ti
this frame will be about 750 USD with the fsa bb included
nice brakes...***
That thing KICKS ASS! Soo cool. I actually posted a ride down at confluence, I'll see you down there! I'd like to hop on it a time or to.

yer mah hero
hey where is the best place to park down there?
holy shit kevin....you change bikes more than I change my BVDS. BTW.....where's the XTP?
bigd said:
hey where is the best place to park down there?
park at the REI west lot if you can find a spot there- they can be busy on the weekends. if not there is a small strip parking lot on 23rd between under the speer bridge and ocean journey for the park users.
Elan said:
nice brakes...***
nice post... assclown :bigthumb:

about the bb- it is an 85mm shell and a 133mm spindle. it comes withj the frame when you buy it. as for not having a ti option- there isnt one right now but you dont need it. it saves a little weight but it's nothing you cant make up for elsewhere on the bike. what's really nice is that this HUGE fsa bb in still lighter than pretty much everything race face makes- plus the bearings dont go KablamoOH.

the xtp is sitting on a chair in my room... haha, i suck.
that is one beautyful bike kevin, of all the weekends for me to actually stay in fort collins.............ill be down there nest week and hopefully my parts will be in so i can build my bike
Very Nice! Now if you would just keep the brakes on the same side as the rest of the world we could all take your new bike for a spin! ;)
really nice bike kevin wow.

ah crap i bought a rf signature dh 128 for my new frame, i hope it doesnt crap up on me
I want my new bike :wtc:

Any knews on those super secret wheels for u and me? har....
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