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  1. Your Bike Trials Media
    Pat Smage is just an incredible rider, this amateur video looks nothing short of a super professional production, and the riding is so creative. Enjoy! "Le Tour de Farm" - A Wild Gravel Bike Ride Around Joy Acres
  2. For Sale / Want to Buy
    I just built this bike up and decided I want a 24” street trials bike instead. The build is a MAD Phase 1.1 aluminum frame and fork from the UK, Specialized Stout/Alex wheel set, new sealed bearing headset, new 90x35 stem, new 60mm riser bars, new Truvativ bottom bracket with Hussefelt cranks...
    $700 USD
  3. For Sale / Want to Buy
    Comes with Magura MT7 brakes front and rear with cable routing through the stem in case you want to try some bar spins. This bike is in near new condition. I’m the original and only owner. Very lightly used as life circumstances just didn’t give me much time to get out on the bike. I hope I...
  4. Australia & New Zealand
    Hi, If you're looking to get in to trials in Sydney or even in general and want to talk to fellow riders check out https://www.facebook.com/sydneytrials
  5. For Sale / Want to Buy
    I'm looking to buy a mod frame, as my current frame just decided to crack. My frame is an Echo Mark 2, so another frame that my parts could all swap to would be nice, but anything is considered. I'm just trying to see what's out there. Thanks, Braden
  6. Your Bike Trials Media
    Hi all. Been hella long since I logged on here but thought I would share this video I edited up. Been riding trials on dirt jump frames and still enjoying this phase. Here are some clips I got playing around in Richmond, Indiana before I moved on (on all 3 bikes). Mostly made it for my own...
  7. For Sale / Want to Buy
    Hi, I'm looking to buy an Inspired Arcade frame and fork, or complete bike. It would be nice if the frame had a BB in it. I just can't afford to pay too much, my little summer job isn't much lol. Any offers would be very appreciated, and I might be willing to go for other street trials bikes...
  8. Australia & New Zealand
    Echo 24" trials bike for sale Brand new rear Echo brake lever and assembly Comes with the old magura setup Shimano xtr front v brake and compatible with a front disc brake setup New tubes included Upgrading so pickup an awesome looking trials and perfect for a beginner Cage pedals (echo)...
  9. Australia & New Zealand
    Hey guys, just bought a Echo 24 and looking for people to ride with and gather knowledge off that live in NSW Im located in Penrith NSW but happy to travel and find awesome new spots, not to mention learn some cool stuff !
  10. Beginner's Area
    I appologize if one of these threads already exists (couldnt find one) but i thought it would be a good idea to have a thread where beginners can post their videos, these days its hard to post a video on youtube or sometimes even vimeo without getting attacked by hatting trolls who are just...
  11. For Sale / Want to Buy
    Hey guys! I have here for sale a Hoffman Strowler flatland BMX frame. 18.75" toptube size, Bee Yellow! Impossible to get a hold of these days in stores, and the strongest flatland frame. Designed by Kevin Jones! Perfect for the beginner, intermediate, and expert rider. Especially good for...
  12. Your Bike Trials Media
    Hey Morgan 01' Monty Playtime on Vimeo I fixed the old 01' b221 x-lite up yesterday and thought it would be cool to give it a test run. The geo is surprisingly good for UCI style, and the tar actually worked with front moves! It was my first trials bike when I started in 2005 and it got...
  13. For Sale / Want to Buy
    Black orange zero bike for sale pro specced. Happy to sell just frame and fork as the components can be put on another bike. For more info, pictures etc. just ask Complete Bike (800)£ Frame & Fork (400)£
  14. Mountain States
    Hey I was wondering if any one was aware of Mod Observed Trials COMPS in Colorado. I am up in the mountains and have Endless Natural Riding Space. I own a 2005 Custom Made Urban Mod Trials Bike. Its Super light. I Also ride Moto-Trials in Events but I have always wanted to take my Bicycle...
1-14 of 14 Results