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  1. Your Bike Trials Media
    I worked super hard on this, so I would appreciate it if you could check it out! Here’s the link: After 2.5 years of street trials, I've finally created the edit that I've been dreaming of. The editing and tricks aren't everything I wanted, but I'm extremely proud of the hard work that went...
  2. Observed Trials Discussion
    Hi, I'm having trouble deciding between the Inspired Fourplay Pro and the Czar Neuron Pro. The Inspired might be an obvious choice, but I am in Australia where there are no Inspired dealers, so it's an extra 350AUD (170GBP) to get it shipped by TartyBikes. What are your experiences with Czar...
  3. For Sale / Want to Buy
    Inspired Element 26" for sale, used for 3 seasons as beginners bike. No breaks, bends or other nasty things, complete specs are listed bellow. WARNING! This bike will be sold with stock brakes (Avid FR5) and tires (Maxxis Holy Roller 26 x 2.4"), not the ones shown in the photo!!! Echi TR...
  4. Australia & New Zealand
    I'm looking for a street trial bike mostly but I would also consider a full-on trials bike show me what you guys have got *must be in new zealand*
1-4 of 4 Results