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  1. For Sale / Want to Buy
    I just built this bike up and decided I want a 24” street trials bike instead. The build is a MAD Phase 1.1 aluminum frame and fork from the UK, Specialized Stout/Alex wheel set, new sealed bearing headset, new 90x35 stem, new 60mm riser bars, new Truvativ bottom bracket with Hussefelt cranks...
    $700 USD
  2. For Sale / Want to Buy
    Hi, I'm looking to buy an Inspired Arcade frame and fork, or complete bike. It would be nice if the frame had a BB in it. I just can't afford to pay too much, my little summer job isn't much lol. Any offers would be very appreciated, and I might be willing to go for other street trials bikes...
  3. Beginner's Area
    Hello, Im brand new to trials, decided i wanted to start about 2 weeks ago. What is the difference between a mod or stock bike? Sorry if its pretty noob thing to ask :)
  4. For Sale / Want to Buy
    I had this bike made by WebCyclery a little over a year ago to start trials but didn't have enough time for riding. I barely used this bike and it's practically new! There's a slight wobble in the BB, (not sure why?) but it works fine. Looking for $1,000 OBO shipped in the US. I can also meet...
  5. Beginner's Area
    Hey Thanks for the help starting me off still practicing balance:) right at the moment i have a stock onza t-rex, i have come across some australian bike trials wet sites, they have some pretty cheap frames with free postage, i'm really loving trials and i think i should be learning on a more...
  6. For Sale / Want to Buy
    A1 Specs: Adamant A1 (stock) Long Frame – Black - wheelbase 1095 / chainstay length 375 / bb rise 30 / headtube 100 / head angle 71° GU disc only fork - black Hope mono mini Trials front disc – 180 mm Planet X front hub –black, laced to a black 38mm wide, drilled rim WTB Desert Raptor...
  7. For Sale / Want to Buy
    Sold: DX32 Rear Wheel Sold
  8. For Sale / Want to Buy
    Sold: Two Trials Bikes for sale: Monty & Adamant Sold, Everything is gone :)
1-8 of 8 Results