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  1. Observed Trials Discussion
    Hello, I have been having trouble with keeping the rear axle on my bike in position. I ride a 2004 Zoo Pitbull with vert-dropouts, with a 135mm Echo TR hub. No matter how much I tighten the axle down, it always seems to keep sliding downwards on the drive side, about 3-5mm, after repeated use...
  2. Beginner's Area
    I bought myself a trials bike last weekend after being fed up with trying simple tricks like endos and side drops, etc. on my hardtail MTB. I've been practising real-wheel hops for about a total of 2 hours now, and I'm almost there. This link will take you to a video of my progress...
  3. Observed Trials Discussion
    Hi. I was looking for a lower cost rear wheel for my hydroxx 26"(2007 frame). I was thinking of getting this wheel (better price than the try-all replacement); 09 ECHO SL 26" Rear Wheel http://www.biketrialseller.com/product/310 But they've advised me that it wont work with my frame. I'm not...
  4. For Sale / Want to Buy
    Sold: DX32 Rear Wheel Sold
1-4 of 4 Results