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  1. Beginner's Area
    would the echo tr (15* 130mm) be a good stem to make my mod allitle more streety without buying a whole new bike?
  2. Beginner's Area
    Hello, Im brand new to trials, decided i wanted to start about 2 weeks ago. What is the difference between a mod or stock bike? Sorry if its pretty noob thing to ask :)
  3. Observed Trials Discussion
    I am looking to buy this bike from a friend who has had it for a while. He has no idea what brand it is and i was wondering if anyone has seen one before. Thanks
  4. For Sale / Want to Buy
    Managed to strip my pedal threads goofing around in my driveway. Anybody got a spare set? I'm in 93001.
  5. Your Bike Trials Media
    Maaaan, I loved his old videos... this is no exception. His riding is so fluid, explosive - true to the Spanish style!! Always using old music too :) Gerardo biketrial en Rota www.biketrialsur.com on Vimeo
  6. For Sale / Want to Buy
    I have a Woodman T-Comp frame for sale. I bought this a few years back, rode it for a few months, then decided I had to have a seat. I built a Woodman Elite and forgot about this frame. It's barely ridden, and the only marks are some white paint that rubbed off something onto the bottom tube. I...
  7. Australia & New Zealand
    Hey guys, time to go for my loved machine :wtc: Pretty good condition, nothing ever went wrong with it (apart from broken chains, ouch...and I also swapped the BB). Only issue with the bike is that the frame colour turned from grey to violet for some reason (powerful Australian UV rays?:nuts:)...
  8. For Sale / Want to Buy
    Sold: Two Trials Bikes for sale: Monty & Adamant Sold, Everything is gone :)
1-8 of 8 Results