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  1. For Sale / Want to Buy
    I'm putting all my bikes for sale because I have to get rid of two, no room in the garage. I just finished building this one today! Highlights: Never used Hope Pro 2 hubs and Alienation rims Almost new Continental 24" tires Rear tubeless with 3/8" neoprene foam insert Avid Ultimate V-brake w/...
  2. Beginner's Area
    Hi I have a question but first I think I will introduce myself. My name is Aaron I’ve been riding DJ/Street for just over a year and I would like to get into trials which brings me to my question. I’ve been lurking around the forum for a few weeks and herd a guy named Marino makes costume frames...
  3. Your Bike Trials Media
    Hello everyone. 3 years ago on this forum will publish my first work, very rustic with electricity and brazing welding. can now appreciate better finishes with TIG weld all the frames are custom. which an past the borders of my beloved Peru, exporting to countries like. Australia, Argentina...
1-3 of 3 Results