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  1. Beginner's Area
    I just got a used woodman comp trials bike, Or at least I think thats what it's called. So far I have had it for one night and I'm vary happy with it! But can anyone find the specifications on it? I can't fined it anywhere online! Oh and if you remember me from before thanks for all the help and...
  2. Your Bike Trials Media
    This video documents Feb-Apr 2010, the final months on my original Atomz AKT2 frame. I rode it for 2 years & 8 months until it cracked in four places. I only ever made one video whilst riding it. Realising that the time to hang it up was imminent, I knew it deserved to retire in glory. Not my...
  3. Your Bike Trials Media
    Here's just a short vid of some of the canadian talent. This is my first hd vid, so it was just more of an experiment than anything else. Nothing too special, but enjoy. Heaven on Vimeo - perv out.
  4. Your Bike Trials Media
    Hey Morgan 01' Monty Playtime on Vimeo I fixed the old 01' b221 x-lite up yesterday and thought it would be cool to give it a test run. The geo is surprisingly good for UCI style, and the tar actually worked with front moves! It was my first trials bike when I started in 2005 and it got...
1-4 of 4 Results