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Jun 19, 2015
    1. AndyT
      All the time.
    2. dan-az
      , should be here in a week
    3. bigfoot rider
      bigfoot rider
      Awesome dude, you'll notice the difference instantly :P

      And I almost forgot, congrats on winning the beginner comp! Awesome! :D
    4. bigfoot rider
      bigfoot rider
      The regular pads that come on it suck, they'll slip on a smooth rim. If you do a harsh grind, they work okay but the pads will be gone in less than two weeks. If you want a bit of life but some decent hold, try a light grind with them. But whenever you get the chance to get a good set of pads, jump on it, it makes a huge difference :)
    5. bigfoot rider
      bigfoot rider
      Yeah my frame is a long. If I was you, I'd go for a short if you do go the 26" route.
    6. bigfoot rider
      bigfoot rider
      Lol just saw what you put on my profile. I'm about 6'2", 6'3" ish.
    7. dready_dan
      yeah, in tucson, but i have basically given up trials for now and am about to sell my bike.
    8. dan-az
      yep, up north in prescott, my family has been part of CAT ( central arizona trials) for YEARS, i certainly cant afford a gas gas right know so I really want to get a mod echo or czar or something along those lines
    9. noname
      Hi TDR,
      I was said that you looked for Onza limey3 20 ".
      I have a frame Onza limey3 to be sold if that really interests you.

    10. AlexC
      dude dual disc is the only way to go these days... then again i rode aaron's zoo mod with bb7's and they lock up just fine (i can't recall aaron's name on here, but he was on netto's meta comp vid). i fucking hate grinding to no end... so really that's a pretty good idea. i dont know if i'd go with because if it were me, i hear they're on a flexxy side. i'd prob go with echo or ashton or even a marino (as i stated before in that one retard's post where he can't navigate tarty's website). but 24" is uber fun. the marino i had was a 5.2lbs frame but rode very light. i could tap and up prob double what i can on my pure.... kinda sad actually. it was likely the shot wheelbase.

      i was chatting to rowan johns on facebook and even tho he rides for ashton, he was saying the ashton effect rides light and for 200usd roughly, it's all relative haha. after riding the marino and starting out trials on a levelboss (5.2 and 4.8 lbs respectively), nothing feels heavy anymore :D
    11. ateam
      You were missed buddy. We are in Memphis, soon to be at the TTC. It is so friggin' hot and humid here.

      Glad your back.
    12. nathan125
      yeah dude ive ridden quite a few now and i think the czar feels spot on for me. and yeah your right, on my monty I never ground the rim and the rear brake never felt good. when i got my Zoo, i ground the rim and didnt have the stock pads and it felt decent but wasnt great. now that i have the czar with dual hopes I have to say i dont think i'll ever go to non disk in the rear
    13. nathan125
      sweet dude! well I havent spend TOO much time on this bike yet but i can tell you from the time i have spent it is an amazing frame. I would definitely recommend it. oh and dont worry, ive been filming a little bit and tony filmed a bunch last weekend so some footage should be released soon. the footage tony got was of me riding on matt's bike though so i dont have too much footage of the czar yet, but i will get some for sure
    14. nathan125
      do they still have the czar frames?? last time I checked they didnt have them anymore i dont think. and yeah dude ive ridden it pretty much non stop! it rides like a dream, and the hope brakes are sooo amazing!
    15. nathan125
      Same here! I cant wait either, dual disk should be sweet. I couldnt be riding right now anyway though because I had my wisdom teeth out on Friday and my face is still swollen as fook and the pain is still there even with the pain killers
    16. nathan125
      Bike should be here soon! they guy shipping it to me is pissing me off a bunch though because he wont return my calls or texts. he told me he would send me the tracking number 4 days ago and I haven't been able to reach him since. apparently it should be here tuesday or wednesday though...
    17. nathan125
      haha dude you should just get a cable disk bike with dual bb7's or something. the performance would be almost as good as hopes for like a third the price.
    18. nathan125
      yupyup im psyched! cant wait! what are you thinking your gonna get now?
    19. nathan125
      not here yet but dont worry, it will be soon! pics will be up as soon as i have them
    20. metaman
      pretty good! got my new cam so really excited to film! you?
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