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    1. matiaspioli
      dude , i want the coust ,, can you send it to argentina, ( santa fe 3000) , do you accept pay pal or western union ? , can you send me actual pics to [email protected] ?
    2. Borg
      He's like pure Spanish from Spain.. his girlfriend and Mother did most of the talking for him.

      His girlfriend told me that "He says you made his visit to Canada complete, now that he has gotten to ride your bike, he can't express how much he appreciates that."

      Was pretty cool to meet a rider from another country, completely randomly.

      I've only flatted my Rubber Queen once, but I'm a shitty beginner rider... was on a 6 foot gap from a stair to a bunch of rocks... I tried multiple times, got it once, tried a few more times, and Ptsssssssss.
    3. Chris
      I wasn't really happy with the rubber queen. in the beginning it was ok, as it was SO bouncy and light on the rear, almost unpredictable as you said. but after a while it was just annoying, because I had several flats and it lost a lot of its grippyness, which impressed me at first..
      the folding in the video looks normal to me.. you can't expect anything better from a 420g xc tire, so it's ok... I'd be more concerned about the grip, which isn't really a strength of conti tires. maybe except for the kaiser and rain king. but the black chilli stuff on the mountain king and rubber queen didn't impress me at all..

      lol @your failed sidehop request :D
    4. Borg
      If you were happy with the Rubber Queen, you'll be fine with the Speed King.


      If you watch that, you can see the front tire folds over when he lifts the back end up to do front wheel hops... but I'd be willing to bet any tire is going to fold at that extreme angle.

      I've been wanting to try a Rain King or Der Kaiser, hoping the less bounce will help me feel more comfortable. Rubber Queen has made me feel really uncomfortable a few times.
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    Oct 27, 1981 (Age: 38)
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