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Jul 10, 2016
Jan 19, 2010
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Jul 10, 2016
    1. grizzzly
    2. whaden913
      Yo Tony, it was great to finally meet you this weekend. Thanks again for the tools, definitely saved my bb from total destruction. Hope we can ride again soon!
    3. Spinbike5
      Ateam - just wanted to see how your trials is coming along. My son did great on that bike you helped us find. 4 competitions - 1 - 3rd, 1 - second, and 2 first place finishes on that ZHi. He'll be moving up to sport next year. Are you still planning the epic trip to Durango at the end of October?
    4. RobbyBobby
      Moto-style brakes! Awwwl riiight!
    5. cantfindnameXD
      ya man the bike has been done for a few days now it's posted but no one but stiiick has commented on it :P
    6. eaterofdog
      I'm still around, my ankle has been pretty fucked up. I tore some shit when I rolled it a couple months ago.
    7. Direske
      I was like "WTF is this!?" when I opened my post box saturday morning with a letter out of the US being in it :D Then I realized I had a deja-vu :D

      Thank you very much! This time i'll stick them on the toptube, so no bike-reck will ever damage them again, I promise! ;)
    8. TRD
      just got ungrounded this morning! :)
    9. metaman
      nice bike
    10. HFDouglas
      Any tips on how to sidehop? i'm planning to ride this late afternoon. i need some help on the basics. but mytrackstand is coming along.
    11. whaden913
      Haha what up! I loved that line. Good words to live by. I am studying spanish and public relations. In mexico right now studying. Brought my bike with me. There are some guys here that ride and the weather is beautiful so I have been making quite the progress.
    12. Direske
      The stickers arrived this morning and I'm pretty happy about them, they're great! One for thd Pitbull and one for the 24Uk :D
      Thank you very much!
    13. Direske
      Hey! Didn't receive my PM? No problem ;)
      Nice idea :wavey:
      You don't need to send it since I live in cologne, germany. But ok, if you want to I won't refuse :) :naughty:

      Martin Direske
      Bonner Straße 72
      50677 Köln

      Thank you very much!
    14. Ron E G
      Ron E G
      ateam, I searched for jesse89 and found nothing, have him send me a pm. I am in Junction City, Oh and I do make a few trips down to Kentucky every year.
    15. Ron E G
      Ron E G
      Hey, thanks ateam. I will pm him and see if we can get a ride planned.
    16. Damn Canadian
      Damn Canadian
      You just wish you were as sexy as that guy in the pic :)
    17. glenasaurus
      Got any pics of the new Meta? Hopefully ill get to see that thing in action in the next few weeks!
    18. Chappy
      Bwa haha! Just when I thought the crap would shift to the 2010er's some ass hole had to go and hack the forum just to bump me! I hope the guy that did it get's hit by a monster truck! It's good to see you back on here!
    19. eaterofdog
      Hey man whats up? Yeah it's been pretty cold this year. I haven't been riding much, but with it warming up and the days getting longer, I will be back on soon.

      What about you?
    20. TrialsinKy
      I haven't had any problems with campus police yet but I usually ride late at night. When the weather clears I'll definitely get in touch with Jesse to ride. My new favorite spot to go is Laural Lake, the spillway there is awesome. Just put a new Der Kaiser and ENO freewheel on so I need to test em out.
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