sk8dad's Zebdi

  • This is my commute, bike party, trails with the kids, and trials along the way bike.
    I bought this guy pretty much new off craigslist when I had a cast on one leg. Had to have the wife drive.

    The 1x9 gives me pretty good range for normal riding, with the fewest parts. I use a N-gear Jump Stop to keep the chain on the ring. My trials gear ratio 1.21 (34/28), just a tad over the 1.2 on my comp bike (18/15) which is fine. The 435 fork plus Trialtech riser bars gives me enough front end rise so it feels close to a normal bike on the street. The 400mm seat post gives me full extension and sucks down to a reasonable 4 inches. When I actually decide to ride just trials, I've got a back up seat on a stub post. The 72 POE Hadley SDH really takes a pounding with pretty much zero fuss. I'm finding very adequate braking and longevity with cheap $4 clear "trials" pads from eBay.

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