1. brake shimano Saint m810

    Hi, you guys are new to the trial, and I need a little help. I have a pair of shmano Saint m810 on my roKcman 20 and I'm with a Probread withh them. The new breaks and the pastels run into the disk when premonadasis making a bad noise. Movements with bite - biting always loud. I already made a burn - in in the pasties and didn't solve it. What Could be going on?
  2. Inspired Hex Spoke Nipple Size?

    Hi everybody, I'm new to trials and have gotten myself an Inspired Hex. I was curious as to what the spoke nipple size is? The reason I'm asking is because I want to get a spoke tool, "Better safe than sorry" Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)
  3. CWTrials Shop Giveaway!

    In order to help us celebrate the season,the guys over at have donated an awesome prize pack to be given away here on site. Up for grabs are, 1 TNN 26" Curved Blade Fork 1 Try-All K2 150 x 30 Forged Stem 1 Pair Original Coust Rim Brake Pads 1 KMC K710 Chain 1 Echo T-Shirt For complete rules of entry and to enter, please follow this link. [URL][/URL] Thanks for entering, and good luck!
  4. Basics Of Bike Trials

    The definition of the word \'trial\' is a test of performance, qualities, or of someone or something to assess its suitability or performance. Thus, bike trials are a sport that test the bike skills of individuals through the course of a series of sections complete with obstacles. Observed trials are those that are watched by a judge or other figure responsible for rule adherence and the assessment of penalties. To compete in bike trials, you need a specific type of bicycle (wide handle...
  5. Bike for Review

    KNB just joined up to get some advice on a bike he found. Just starting out in trials, and not wanting to spend a ton of money, he found a custom bike out of Orange County for only $220. Just getting started can be costly, but this bike has been reviewed by the experts on site and declared a quality buy for the money. This thread covers his purchase, the features and hardware of the bike, and he's still looking for advice. Stop by and let us know what you think of his new bike....
  6. Too Old for Trials?

    When is it too late to get into trials? As many of us age and start looking back to our youth,we are picking back up a lot of the sports that were left behind, trial biking included. Recently a member joined up to ask this very question. 39 years old and coming from mountain biking, one of our newest members wanted to make sure it wasn\'t to late to start into trials. With all the advice presented by the experts it\'s clear, you\'re never to old to start. Stop by this thread and weigh in...
  7. Cold Weather Riding

    Winter is hitting most of us pretty hard. Between the low temps, frozen rain, and snow in some parts, how do you stay warm while out riding? It\'s not easy to decide as most of the time you need full range of motion. Member Sinon has asked for some solutions to his issues, as thermal gloves don\'t seem to work well enough for him. This thread covers how to stay warm while you\'re out biking, and many of the products available for those who refuse to give trials a rest in winter!...
  8. My Trials Progression

    We all have to begin somewhere. Starting back in May,ILLskILL started following his progress through video and photos and sharing them with the group. It's been a few months now and he's made quite a bit of progress. Come see this member from British Columbia getting started, and keeping up with his trials. [URL][/URL]