Things people say to you when your riding trials

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  1. My Little Pony

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    I Know there was a thread like this in the past, where people posted funny or unique things people have said to them while they were riding. I couldn't find it. I searched back to the crash.

    Here's mine. I was riding at a loading dock behind a Nob Hill near my house, working on hooks (not quite there but I did gain some understanding:)).

    A cop drives up to me.
    Cop,"hey bud, you riding trials?"
    Cop,"later," and the cop drove away.
  2. Blackstick

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    When your riding trials what?

  3. Ramrod

    Ramrod My body is ready.

    Damnit, Rush beat me to it

    "Wheres the seat?"
    "Are you mexican?"
    "Is that how you got across the border?"
    "Where's your green card?"
    "Go buy some firewater"
    "Is that a downhill bike?"

    THEDEMOLITIONMAN There can only be one DMAN

    I usually get, "Isn't that bike a little small for you".I tend to ride with music on these days,people are most likely talking more shit,I just don't hear it.I do mainly ride a mod bike and people get all screwed up and talk more shit.One quote I thought was funny, I got along time ago.."WTF are you riding,that bike looks special".

    I'm sure my bike still looks

  5. Rodmunch

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    Matt that's pretty funny! The cops around here aren't so friendly. I get the "Why are you riding such a tiny bike?" question alot (I ride a stock but I'm pretty tall). And "Where's the seat?!". That's pretty much it. :/
  6. sk8dad

    sk8dad every ounce of fun

    old lady: Does your mother know that you do that (riding trials I suppose)?
    me: No, but my wife is very supportive?
    old lady: Well, she's not a very good wife? (walks off shaking her head)
    me: (speechless and chuckling)

    college kid: Hey that's a cool bike.
    me: thanks
    college kid: Have you seen that dude from something?
    me: yeah (put headphones back on).

    roadie with full lycra: Hey what kind of bike is that?
    me: It's a trials bike.
    roadie: That's cool. I ride trials too.
    me: Awesome (but skeptical)
    roadie: Don't those tires give you pretty high rolling resistance?

    dude: That was cool what you did. Is that some kind of professional bike?
    me: Thanks. It's a trials bike. It's designed to help you go over obstacles.
    me: Want to try?
    dude's wife: C'mon let's go.
    dude: Sure.
    dude's wife: (crossed arms and tapping feet).
    dude: (falls off bike before getting on)
    dude: I wish I had learned to do something like that when I was that I'm 35...too old.
    me: I started when I was 38.
    dude: Oh...

    two years ago:
    dude from son's tee ball: What do you do for fun?
    me: I like mountain biking, and I just started trials.
    dude: that when they jump on top of picnic tables and shit?
    me: Sure, basically.
    dude: Can you jump off picnic tables yet?
    me: Not yet since I just started.
    dude: My buddy has a professional full-suspension bike. It's got like this really heavy duty fork called a fox.
    me: That's cool. Do you ride?
    dude: I used to. I had a top of the line Specialized mountain bike when I was in college.
    me: Oh yeah? I had a 95 Stumpy.
    dude: I don't remember what model it was, but I think it was a hard rock.
    me: Nice. (time to move on).
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  7. eaterofdog

    eaterofdog Two dollars... cash

    I live down south so something like:
    "Hey boy, you got a purdy mouth."
  8. sk8dad

    sk8dad every ounce of fun

  9. mtnbikerfred

    mtnbikerfred New Member

    From friends that know me:

    "Freddy, you're ^%$& crazy!!!"
  10. sk8dad

    sk8dad every ounce of fun

    When MyLittlePony (original poster) did a 4 ft side hop to ledge straight to a 540 drop. This caused a bunch of "holy crap" from a passing group of college kids. Then one of them shouts "do a back flip!". He was toting a badminton racket.

    THEDEMOLITIONMAN There can only be one DMAN

    I almost forgot what I've been getting now, "Can you ride like that guy Danny macasomething.."..the answer is always

  12. stickyworm

    stickyworm New Member

    Old woman who speak a no english: You! No! You stop! Police come!
    Me: "Whaaaa?"
    Ride on...

    All time favorites from kids:
    Can you do a catwalk? (Just after doing a gap)
    Do a grind!
    Why don't you ride a real bike?
  13. xxxfr


    after any... ANY decent move.....

    "can you willie?"
  14. handiman

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    just now, i was practicing hopping around on the back, when 3 kids ride up on 2 bikes. one kid, the one on a bike by himself, yells "i'm better, watch this bunny hop" and does a rolling 2-wheel hop about 2-3" off the ground. so i do a backhop, moving back about 1.5' and getting about 1.5-2' in the air. they were all "whoa, look at that air! can you do anything else?" so i showed 'em the few things that i knew.

    i haven't had many people say much, since i'm still learning and try to keep a low profile in case i fall :momaru:

    i've also gotten "nice bike," "where's the seat?", "is something wrong with your brakes? they're so loud! you should get some new ones.", and "that's cool, look what i can do" (where they usually do a small bunny hop or a small wheelie).
  15. TrialsinKy

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    I was told by a homeless black guy the other day that I need to "leave my body while riding" and "visualize myself from the outside" He also informed me that if I get good enough that someday somebody might pay me to do this!
  16. Jitters

    Jitters One Trick Pony

    Love that. :Sonic:
  17. I've gotten...

    Random dood: Hey.
    Me: Yeah.
    Random dood: What kind of bike is that?
    Me: Trials bike.
    Random dood: Built for high speed down hill?
    Me: Yeah.

    Practicing side hops in my yard, look up to find a 15 y/o girl watching me.

    Girl: Whatcha doing?
    Me: Riding my bike.
    Girl: Oh, I can ride with no hands.
    Me: Yeah?
    Girl: I can do it standing too.
    Me: Sure.
    Girl: Can you?
    Me: Nope, you need a seat to ride with no hand while standing.
    Girl: So I am better at riding a bike.
    Me: Right...... (then I regret trying and missing a side hop)
    Girl: FAIL!
    Me: Why the fuck are you still in my yard?
  18. lucky13

    lucky13 Adapt, evolve, survive.

    I think I'm going to have to start using headphones or ride where no one can see me.

    I hate talking to people.
  19. ateam

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    I had a neighbor watch me for a few minutes riding the pallets and north shore. He said that I need to grow up and quit acting like a kid.

    I was riding at UNM campus and 3 guys were on skate boards and 2 guys left and the third hung out, watched me learning rear wheel hops. I finish and he gives me a thumbs up and said that was cool for an old dude.
  20. dmiller403

    dmiller403 prefer my ride 'stock' w/ dual disk

    I was ridin where i thought no one could see in the foundation of a burnt building hitting legdes. I heard from that one spot....
    " hey are you that guy on youtube, my daughter thought she saw you." Nope not me
    " get a car"
    "Wheres the seat"
    " your legs bleeding"
    " hey come here watch, this guys gonna bust his ass"
    Cell phone in hand " this videos goin on youtube"
    " woah are you pro"
    Def not only a couple months in.

    Btw good thread. Funny stuff