Extreme BATTLE 2007 24.-26. august in Tartu, ESTONIA

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    Hey guy's!

    The biggest biketrial competition in ESTONIA

    Extreme BATTLE 2007
    24.-26. august, Tartu [Estonia]

    3rd Extreme sport festival Extreme BATTLE 2007 is going to take place at 24-26 august in Tartu downtown - Town Hall Square, on the river Emajõgi and at the Toome Hill.

    To the Town Hall Square goes up : miniramp, mini skatepark, freestyle jumps, flatland and biketrial arena; Küüni street will be conquered by crossing; On the river Emajõgi will be held a wakeboard competition and down the Toome Hill will be hurtling crazy downhill drivers.

    Already traditionally we wait everyone who likes extreme sports to come to Tartu at the very last weekend of the summer to get the final adrenaline dosage in a very nice atmosphere.

    Extreme BATTLE combines 8 extreme sport areas and overall will be compeated in 15 disciplines.
    * BMX (freestyle, flatland ja street crossing)
    * MTB (street crossing and freestyle)
    * Skateboard (street crossing, best trick contest)
    * Roller skates (street crossing)
    * Scooter (street crossing, best trick contest)
    * Biketrial (main contest, speedtrial, vertical step) - elite, expert, sport, beginner
    * Wakeboard
    * Downhill

    To this insane adrenaline we add the feel of Tartu old town by enjoyable music, friendly comity and best public and for the results we get extreme sport festival Extreme BATTLE 2007.

    MORE INFORMATRION: www.extreme-battle.com or jaan@extreme-battle.com

    See ya in Tartu, Estonia
    EB 2007 crew
  2. Juhan

    Juhan Welcome to Estonia.

    You have a mistake in there, "Küüni street will be conquered by biketrialists"

    Would be great to see some European Riders show up this year ;)