Danny Mac & Ali C's Average Day : An Erotic Friendship Fiction

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    All that day, Danny MacAskill had seemed very much on edge. The rest of the Inspired team hadn't seemed to be paying very much attention to this, but Ali C was keen to notice the slightest change on the behaviour of any one of his charges. Now he was keeping a close eye on Danny, wondering what was wrong.

    After finishing the ride, they had all agreed to go to a restaurant in town. Everyone else was eating heartily, but Danny was only picking at his meal, which was an expensive mince and potatoes dish, one of his favourites. It helped keep his appetite in check, or that's what he always said. Everyone doubted if that was the case, but nobody said anything. Ali usually paid for it without complaining. Sometimes you just had to make some little sacrifices to appease the team's very own princess.

    Duncan Shaw had already finished his plate full of meat ahead of everyone else, and he was now devouring bananas for dessert. It was healthier than ice cream, at least, and even Ali thought he had to cut down on the sweets a little this close to the show season. Ali raised his head to look at the redhead, intending to tell him to tone down on the munching noises, as he was trying to think. When their eyes met, Danny gave out a loud gasp. Duncan stopped in the middle of taking a bite, arching his eyebrow at Danny who was looking at him strangely.

    "What?" "D-don't make eye contact while eating a banana!" Danny stammered. He rubbed his forehead in exasperation. "It just looks... wrong." Duncan gave Danny a brief look, the slightest frown, before deciding to just shrug it off and continue to eat. He didn't really care. Danny was eyeing the table around him. "And what are you all looking at?!" he practically screamed. Ali cleared his throat, seeming very composed in a stark contrast to Danny's nervous wreck. "You seem a little high-strung, Danny. Has something happened?" Ali was just about to reach out - perhaps in order to pat his's shoulder in a reassuring gesture - when Duncan suddenly leaned over the table and peered at Danny's face up close, one eyebrow arched up high. "Hey, Danny," he spat. "Would you stop with the stupid dick jokes already? You've been thinking about dicks all day. What gives?" Danny's eyes went wide. He was completely scandalized. He almost spat out his coffee, but managed to gulp it down in one go, followed by an intense bout of gagging and spitting. Finally managing to pull himself back together, Danny stared at his smirking teammate in sheer horror. "I wasn't thinking about..." he sputtered. "Not about dicks in general! Just... aargh!" Danny slammed both of his hands on the table and hastily got up from his seat.

    "I'll just visit the bathroom," he muttered. "Nice reaction," Duncan grinned, watching him go. Ali stroked his chin. "I wonder if it was my flawless body that finally turned him gay?" he mused out loud. "Not that I can blame him, of course. Who wouldn't be captivated by the sight of my flexing muscles, glistening with sweat after a particularly rigorous workout?" He chuckled, satisfied with the mental image. "Ah, yes. I understand him completely." Duncan sneered. "Nah. I think you're overdoing it. A cyclist doesn't need to be a bulging mass of muscle."

    "To become strong, everyone has to win their own battle," Ali answered gravely. Washing his face with cold water over and over again, Danny took deep breaths and tried not to panic. Today, he'd given his customary morning call to Ali. He'd thought to give Ali some friendly encouragement as he'd complained about a shinner yesterday evening when Danny'd kept pestering him with phone calls. "So you got a shinner too today? Make sure not to make it worse, then, Ali! I know how often you get those," Danny had added teasingly. "I love you too," Ali had replied dryly before hanging up in Danny's ear.

    The comment had been dripping in sarcasm, of course, but it'd still sent Danny over the edge. Ali saying he loved him... Even if he hadn't meant it, it still made Danny think of all kinds of crazy things. His own feelings for Ali, for instance. He couldn't believe it hadn't even crossed his mind earlier, even if in hindsight it was completely obvious. So was he gay, then? Danny the Sleeping Beauty, Team Inspired's prettiest and most gourgeous cyclist? Trials fangirls everywhere would be slitting their wrists in agony. But it sure did explain why he never got with any of his fangirls in the first place.

    He was having a minor breakdown, not over the fact that he loved Ali, but over the thought that he could be gay.

    Hence all the dick jokes. Reductio ad absurdum. He wanted to confirm to himself that the idea of him being gay was nothing short of ridiculous. And it was, of course. Danny spent another seven minutes fixing his hair and washing his face once more. Then, turning back once to smile at his reflection and hold up two fingers as if for a photo shoot, he stepped out. He was determined to put the whole thing out of his mind for good. To his horror, Danny heard his teammates laughing about something over at their table. As Danny hurried towards them, he heard Duncan reading something aloud. "Ali, you're very special to me and I don't want to lose you, but..." Laughing, Ali took it out of his hands and read it himself. "Ali's that brown-haired street rider Danny's always calling, right? I knew he was a stalker, but this is just gay," he chuckled, shaking his head.

    Danny stood petrified. They were reading his unsent messages he was just about to go and delete. How out of your whack did you have to be to accidentally leave your cellphone, your lifeblood, into the hands of this pack of hyenas he called his friends and teammates? Duncan took the phone back while Danny was still in a daze and started pressing the buttons, reading aloud the message he was writing. "Ali, there's something I need to tell you something. I think I'm Alisexual." Danny heard Duncan's voice as if from across a great distance. "Dude, you just pressed 'send'! Why'd you press 'send'?" "I didn't mean to!" Danny snapped. He could hear himself screaming, high-pitched and so loud that the entire restaurant turned their head into their direction. He could see a waitress hurrying towards them, his teammates rushing up to him to calm him down, Duncan giving him his phone back, maybe even looking a little apologetic? Danny dropped to his knees, breathless. Every single pair of eyes in the vicinity was staring at him. Processing in his brain what Duncan had said, he felt something click into place. Maybe that was it. He was Alisexual. Nothing more, nothing less. For a while Danny felt something like relief. Until his phone buzzed in his hand to indicate an incoming message, that is. Ugh. This one could take some explaining. Quickly regaining his composure, Danny got up, shooting a cold look at Duncan, then retreated back into the solitude of the men's bathroom to formulate his explanation for Ali.
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    I always thought OTN could use a literary corner. Well done Ian!
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    You should have the entire story pre-typed. Moar!
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    waiting for part two!
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    only if you read part one aloud in your next vlog
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    haha I don't think so!
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    Do it!!!
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    Hottest thing i've ever read! Looking forward to the next chapter.