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Discussion in 'Australia & New Zealand' started by Toxic Avenger, Apr 1, 2016.

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    I've been registered here for a number of years, but still a newb.
    I have an aorta mod, doing a bit of a refurb on it, and noticed that the bearings in the bottom bracket are FUBAR. This is on an Echo ISIS drive. OAL is 68mm

    I've disassembled and regreased what I can on the cranks, freewheel and removed bottom bracket, but no local bearing companies have (or have heard of) the 6804KRS bearing that is needed for this part.
    And also, being a ham-fisted numpty, I've damaged the 20 spline lock nut which holds it all together trying to get the final 2x right side bearings out.
    Time to look for a new bottom bracket.

    What's the latest on AU based suppliers, and what is a good option for a replacement part to the Echo isis drive bottom bracket? I'm not after the lightest stuff, mainly something that will put up with the abuse of a beginner and be strong enough for my 80kg lard-arse
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    edit: just caught your AU... tartybikes is supposed to be good worldwide they are good here to the US!

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    try Expressive Bikes or Biketrialsdirect